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Skateboard Ramp Plan

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The feeling of being in mid air on a skateboard is nothing but exciting, and gets your adrenaline pumping. A complicated and perilously rising ramp, certainly accentuates the fun for the skateboarding daredevils. This article gives...

Benefits of Skateboarding

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Once thought to be a dangerous sport for rebels, skateboarding today has been accepted as a mainstream activity for youngsters all around the globe. Besides the colorful boards, the wheels, and the stunts, skateboarding offers some...

How to Kickflip the Easy Way

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A variation on the Ollie, the kickflip uses the front foot to flick or "kick" the board in order to flip. Read the Buzzle article to find out easy this skateboard trick really is.

Longboarding Tricks

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A longboard is a type of skateboard which is wider than the regular skateboard. This article contains various tricks in longboarding.

Skateboarding Facts

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Did you know? Due to the injuries caused by skateboarding, this sport had been banned in Norway between the years 1978 and 1989. Here's some more interesting facts about this awesome sport, and now a preferred mode of travel by a...

Learn How to Skateboard

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Skating on ramps or at a skate park can be great fun. But make no mistake, this is an extreme sport. So you have to learn the basics of skateboarding before you actually try it out.

The Skateboarder's Way of Clothing

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Fashion trends and styles come and go but some styles remain eternal. The skateboarder's attire or dressing sense isn't high fashion but is definitely a classic and unique mode of dressing, from boardshorts to skate shoes. No other...

How to Ollie on a Tech Deck

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Impress your friends and famDo you want to learn how to ollie on a tech deck? Not just your family, but even your friends are going to be impressed by this cool fingerboarding trick. Read the article to find out how...

How to Heelflip

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If you are proficient at skateboarding and basic tricks, then heelflip is a great trick to master. In this article, we teach you the heelflip, without having to learn the kickflip.

Skateboarding History

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Skating is an enjoyable activity that offers scope for challenges and tricky movements. Just like learning skateboarding is interesting, understanding its history is also enriching in its own ways. Keep reading to know more.

Cool Skateboard Tricks

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Here are a few skateboard tricks that are easy to do, and look impressive at the same time. The key to executing them properly is to be confident, and to practice them properly.

How to Do Skateboard Tricks

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There are many skateboarding tricks which are grouped into various categories. Learn how to do skateboard tricks this summer and show-off in front of your friends.

How to Ride a Skateboard

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If watching a skater perform those mind-boggling stunts can give you an adrenalin rush, imagine the thrills you will experience when you actually skateboard yourself.

How to Ollie on a Skateboard

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If you thought learning how to ollie on a skateboard is going to be a smooth ride, well fellas, it is not the case. Unless you are born with a panache and germ for skateboarding, it takes a little bit of an effort to learn how to...

Skateboard Tricks and How to do Them

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So finally you can balance yourself on your skateboard and manage to skate a respectable distance without bumping into a pedestrian or a cyclist. Well, the next step is to arm yourself with all that you need to know about the...

How to Make Skateboards

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Skateboarding is relatively a modern street sport and quite a hit amongst teens. You don't necessarily have to buy a skateboard to sway down the city. Instead, it can be easily made at home.

Longboarding Skateboard

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A longboard is a type of skateboard, but is wider and longer in comparison. A relatively modern sport, longboarding involves the act of meticulous tricks and maneuvers performed by the skater on the board. The following will give...

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