Top 10 Power Crazed Dictators

Learn About the Life of Leonardo Da Vinci Part 3/3

Learn about the contents of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks. Also learn about the how versatile Da Vinci was in studying the physics, music, astronomy, optics, anatomy, hydraulics, architecture, aerodynamics, machines, botany and engineering.

Running time: 514 seconds

Sports Words

In soccer, a player tries to kick a ball into a goal. In baseball, a ball is hit with a bat and caught with a mitt or glove. In golf, a ball is hit with a club. In tennis, a player uses a racket to hit a ball. And in ice hockey, a player uses a stick to hit a puck into a goal.

Running time: 30 seconds

Learn English Idioms - At the Drop of the Hat

English idioms in bite-size chunks. Learn one idiom a day and test yourself every 10 idioms. The test is available at

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Running time: 12 seconds

Annika Sorenstam and Babe Zaharias Biography

In this video, learn about the lives of the golf players Annika Sorestram and Babe Zaharias.

Running time: 252 seconds

Vocabulary Verbs

Here is some vocabulary to get you started on learning verbs!

Running time: 320 seconds

How to Factor Quadratic Equations in Algebra

As quadratic equations are the product of two binomial factors, learn how to reverse the FOIL process and find the real root.

Running time: 454 seconds

What Nature Can Teach Us About Sustainable Design

Janine Benyus says that industry can learn much from nature. Ecosystems like rainforests have inspired a number of industrial eco-parks. These co-locations of companies are highly energy efficient, low on waste and make good use of resources. This is green and sustainable design at its best.

Running time: 291 seconds

How to Create a Documentary Movie

How 3 Types of Documentary Genre Are Made - Learn about the three types of Documentary genres.

Running time: 348 seconds

Learn about Fractions in Simplest Form

TenMarks teaches you about fractions in their simplest form.

Running time: 217 seconds

Commercial Fruit Forests in Malawi

In Malawi, the Makoka Research Station, part of the government's Agricultural Research Department, is encouraging farmers to plant certain trees for commercial benefit and it is helping to increase the market value for commercial forest fruit products.

Running time: 266 seconds

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